Gaurang Mistry


His research is based on Concepts of Self through Bhagwat Gita and the Indian Culture. Through his research, knowledge, counselling and practice, he has designed a structured course- Subjective Self; a predefined way of life that guarantees awareness, actualization and understanding of Self and Life, hence accelerating personality, leadership and life skills.

He is also the founder of an Independent theory ANKVISHVA. AnkVishwa is based on Medical Science, Genetic Science, Science of Psychology, Science of Karma & Dharma and Science of Numbers. It can provide a complete suggestive road map for life, which would also contain an indication of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Hence, it can help to achieve ones full potential in the profession and live a stress free personal life. He has designed number of result oriented programs to increase self awareness, improve inter-personal relationships at work & at home. These programs can teach the most essential life skills to establish individuality.

Through AnkVishwa, Gaurang provides personal counseling which helps individuals to cope with work related stress, family related issues, marital conflicts, psychosomatic illnesses, physical & mental trauma of different kinds and any challenging situations that human beings are required to deal with in everyday living.

He has conducted several Educational & Awareness programmes in the Educational, Government, Corporate sectors.

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Phone: 962 404 6464

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