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30 Years Of Research, Experience And Refinement As A Student Of Psychology

Subjective Self is the first ever Indian theory of Psychology that focuses on how the Indian society understands self in connection with their society, family values, patterns of thoughts, values of emotions, and environmental factors and benefits.

Gaurang Mistry
Founder, IIIC

Areas of Life and Priorities for Self Development

To achieve excellence in oneself, it is important to find a balance between these areas of life and self. Prioritizing them based on your personal values and goals can help you achieve a sense of fulfillment and success in all areas of life.


Emotional well-being is crucial for overall well-being.


Personal development involves setting goals in activities that improve your overall quality of life.


Social well-being involves building meaningful relationships and connecting with others.


Professional development involves advancing your career or pursuing your passions.

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Subjective Self; 2 Days Workshop On Self Knowledge

Time: 10 AM TO 4:45 PM


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